Did you know that you can make ice tea with a special ice tea machine? I didn’t, until recently. I was so fascinated to find out that such a machine exists and immediately I was hooked and decided to try this thing out. And, check this out, there’san additional bonus – it can make iced coffee too!

So let’s get to the product facts and a short review quickly:

This Litifo Ice Tea & Coffee maker has a 2-quart (64 oz) plastic pitcher. This pitcher is able to make 8 servings and has a brew-thorough lid for storage. The ice tea&coffee maker can be used with loose tea or tea bags. The brewing system shuts off automatically when the brew cycle has ended. It is easy to clean up after use. The machine’s power is rated at 700W making it enough powerful for such a small device. The brew strength can be tuned by a small selector in the front. The device is made of plastic and stainless steel. It’s measurements: 9 x 6.7 x 14.3 inch. Also has a power indicator led on the side. The Litifo Iced Tea and Coffee machine is available in three different colors – Black, Blue and Green (more Teal-ish color).

Fun note: people visiting me keep asking what is this odd looking machine in my kitchen, it’s quite fun to tease them, as it’s not a water heater, as many of them suggested.

A few notes from my personal experience with the Litifo Iced Tea/Coffee Maker:

Makes tea quite fast, in just a few minutes and it is also easy to clean afterwards, no user manual required to use it. The brew strength slider is quite strange, it’s just a gimmick and does abolutely nothing. One of the best devices I’ve bought for my kitchen recently. Very easy to use, even for kids.

Litifo Iced Tea and Coffee Maker


  • Heat resistant 2 quart plastic pitcher
  • Removable filter basket
  • Easy to clean
  • Very reasonably priced – around $60


  • Plastic pitcher instead of real glass
  • Some users complain it’s fragile design

Final Notes

Hard to say anything bad about this device, it makes some good tea and coffee for a really good price. Doesn’t take much of counter-space and looks good in the kitchen. I can highly recommend this unit! 

Note – this machine does not make or create ice or ice cubes for the drinks!


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