Finding the best commercial shaved ice machine for your business may initially seem overwhelming. The market boasts an array of options, making it challenging to pinpoint the ideal fit for your requirements. However, fret not, for we’ve undertaken the arduous task of proper research and rigorous testing to bring you the finest electric commercial shaved ice machines available.

crushed ice cubesWhy does this matter? Well, shaved ice isn’t merely a frozen treat; it’s a cherished tradition that has delighted generations. Whether you’re at a fair, festival, or by the beach, shaved ice provides a delightful respite on scorching days. For those in the business of serving this icy delight, a dependable and efficient ice maker is indispensable in ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Yet, given the market’s vast expanse, finding the right machine can seem like navigating a maze. To simplify your quest, we’ve dedicated ourselves to assessing the top-performing best shaved ice machines currently on offer.

When contemplating a shaved ice machine for your enterprise, there are crucial factors to consider. These encompass user-friendliness, longevity, and the ability to churn out copious amounts of shaved ice promptly. By meticulously scrutinizing customer feedback and drawing upon expert insights, we’ve meticulously curated a list of the most promising contenders, allowing you to make an enlightened choice.

Selecting the Best Shaved Ice Machine

Selecting the perfect shaved ice machine for your specific needs is a decision that requires careful consideration and attention to detail. To make an informed choice, you must first assess the scale of your operation. If you’re running a small-scale business or intend to use the machine primarily for personal use, a compact, countertop model may suffice. These machines are usually more affordable, take up less space, and are relatively easy to maintain. There are also manual, hand-operated ice crushers. However, for commercial establishments with high demand, investing in a heavy-duty, stand-alone shaved ice machine is often essential. These larger machines are built to handle continuous production and are designed for durability to withstand the rigors of a bustling business environment.

Another crucial factor to contemplate is the type of ice the machine can produce. Some machines are designed to produce finely shaved ice, perfect for creating smooth and fluffy snow cones or slushies, while others produce coarser ice suitable for traditional shaved ice treats. Understanding the texture and consistency of ice you need for your menu is vital. Furthermore, consider the machine’s production capacity. Commercial shaved ice makers vary widely in terms of the amount of ice they can produce per hour. It’s essential to match this capacity with your expected demand to ensure you can serve customers promptly during peak hours without overworking the machine.

Ease of use and cleaning are practical aspects that shouldn’t be overlooked. A user-friendly machine not only makes the operation more efficient but also reduces the risk of user error. Look for features like intuitive controls and safety mechanisms, such as a lid switch that prevents the machine from running when the lid is open. Additionally, easy-to-clean components, like removable blades and drip trays, will save you valuable time during daily maintenance routines. Finally, it’s worth examining the power efficiency of the machine, especially if you aim to operate it continuously. Energy-efficient models can help you reduce long-term operating costs while being environmentally friendly. In conclusion, when selecting the perfect shaved ice machine, focus on your specific requirements, production capacity, ease of use, and maintenance needs to ensure your investment aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

Without further ado, let’s delve into our compilation of the premier commercial shaved ice machines on the market:

Top 3 Best Shaved Ice Machines for Home/Commercial use:

1. Vevor Ice Shaver Machine

vevor commercial ice machine that makes shaved iceIn the realm of icy delights, the Vevor Ice Shaver Machine stands tall as a formidable player. Boasting a robust 250W motor and the capacity to churn out a whopping 265 pounds (120 kg) of shaved ice per hour, this unit has caught the attention of both the casual home user and the bustling commercial establishments. But does it live up to the hype? Let’s dive into the details and user reviews to find out.

Product Facts and a Short Review

The Vevor Ice Shaver Machine is a powerhouse, driven by a 250W copper motor that operates at 320 RPM. This potent motor ensures that you can enjoy mountains of finely shaved ice in a relatively short span. What’s particularly striking is the large 5.1-pound (2.3 kg) ice hopper, which significantly reduces the hassle of frequent ice refills. The hopper also sports a dust and splash-proof cover, ensuring your workspace stays clean.

But it’s not just about power; this machine offers versatility too. With an adjustable fineness knob, you can cater to a range of preferences, from silky snow cones to coarser ice for seafood displays. The safety switch includes a reverse function to tackle those rare ice jams, ensuring uninterrupted operation.

User Reviews

What do those who’ve experienced the Vevor Ice Shaver Machine have to say?

One user commends its ability to turn regular ice cubes into “REAL shaved ice.” It’s a hit at home, although the user did note its size and noise, which prompted a relocation to their covered deck. Another highlight is its ice size adjustability, perfect for creating snow cones for the kids.

Another user expresses enthusiasm for the product’s performance, hinting at a forthcoming detailed review. The excitement in this brief review is palpable.

A succinct review offers high praise, deeming it a “wonderful product” that delivers fantastic results.

However, one user provides a more tempered perspective. While it indeed shaves ice effectively, it’s not the fastest machine out there, nor is it the quietest. Furthermore, it’s not designed for making smoothies or soft-serve treats, and cleaning it with water is not recommended.

Vevor Ice Shaver


  • Powerful 250W motor.
  • Adjustable ice fineness.
  • Large 5.1 lb ice hopper.
  • Thoughtful design.
  • Versatile use.


  • Noisy operation.
  • Limited to ice shaving.

My Own Experience with the Ice Shaver

Having explored user reviews and delved into the intricacies of the Vevor Ice Shaver Machine, it’s evident that this appliance brings a potent blend of power and versatility to the table.

vevor 5The 250W motor impressively crushes ice into submission, offering a steady supply of finely shaved ice, a boon for hot summer days and special occasions. The substantial 5.1-pound ice hopper minimizes interruptions, ensuring you spend more time enjoying cool treats and less time refilling.

The adjustable fineness knob adds a layer of flexibility, accommodating various preferences and culinary applications. It’s a versatile addition to any kitchen or commercial establishment.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind the device’s noise level, especially if you plan to use it frequently in a home setting. Additionally, while it excels at ice shaving, it’s not designed for creating smoothies or soft-serve treats, limiting its versatility slightly.

In conclusion, the Vevor Ice Shaver Machine lives up to its reputation as a powerful and efficient ice-shaving workhorse. Whether you’re running a bustling commercial kitchen or hosting a summer party at home, it delivers consistent results. Just be mindful of its noise level and intended use, and you’ll find it to be a valuable addition to your culinary arsenal.


2. OKF Ice Shaver

OKF Ice Shaver Prevent Splash Electric Three Blades Snow Cone MakerIn the realm of icy refreshment, the OKF Ice Shaver reigns supreme. This formidable machine is here to revolutionize your snow cone-making game, whether you’re catering to a backyard barbecue or running a bustling dessert joint. With its high efficiency, user-friendly design, and unique features, the OKF Ice Shaver is making quite the splash in the world of frozen treats.

Product Facts and a Short Review

The OKF Ice Shaver doesn’t mess around when it comes to efficiency. Armed with three razor-sharp blades and a robust 380W electric starter motor, it churns out a staggering 286 pounds of shaved ice per hour. That’s a game-changer for anyone who’s ever hosted a summer gathering or run a dessert business.

One standout feature is the innovative “Prevent Splash” design. Say goodbye to wayward ice shards and messy countertops. This design ensures that ice won’t shoot out unpredictably, preserving both cleanliness and your sanity.

Cleaning up after the fun is a breeze. It’s energy and time-saving, leaving you with perfect snow cones and more time to enjoy them. The unique arc-shaped back design adds ergonomic comfort, while the deepened ice bowl prevents those pesky ice splashes. The solid base reduces vibration and noise, making your ice-shaving experience smoother and quieter.

For safety, a splash-proof “on/off” button is easy to control, ensuring the blades stop rotating and the power shuts off automatically when the hopper handle is open. Safety first, always.

User Reviews

So, what do the users have to say about their encounters with the OKF Ice Shaver?

One user, on a quest for authentic shaved ice akin to those from mobile booths, found their holy grail with this model. Not only does it perform exceptionally well, but it also operates with surprising quietness. Multiple snow cones later, they’re one happy customer.

Another user appreciates the build quality and robust motor, especially in comparison to concerns about motor durability. The slower RPM motor, free from brushes, offers quiet operation even under heavy loads.

Speed is a recurring theme among users. The OKF Ice Shaver is a sprinter, producing a bowl of shaved ice in just 20 to 50 seconds. The three blades do an excellent job, although a few lumps can appear when using regular ice cubes.

The only gripe seems to be with cleaning. Unlike some machines with removable blade assemblies, this one might require a bit more effort for thorough cleaning, especially if you’re aiming to make fruit shaved ice. Nevertheless, it’s regarded as a fantastic ice shaver.

OKF Ice Shaver


  • Rapid ice-shaving, up to 286 lbs/hour.
  • Splash-proof design keeps clean.
  • User-friendly, safe operation.
  • Powerful motor, three blades.
  • Home and small business use.


  • Cleaning, non-removable blades.
  • Limited flavor experimentation.


My Own Experience with the Ice Shaver

Having explored user reviews and delved into the specifics of the OKF Ice Shaver, it’s clear that this machine means business when it comes to making delightful frozen treats.

The efficiency is undeniable. With three blades and a powerful motor, it’s like having a snowstorm at your fingertips. It’s perfect for larger gatherings or business use where speed is of the essence. The “Prevent Splash” design lives up to its promise, keeping things clean and tidy.

Operation is straightforward. Plug it in, turn it on, add the ice, hold down the handle, and let it work its magic. The ice bowl’s rotation during operation prevents overflowing, and the cleanup is relatively hassle-free, provided you don’t mind a bit of ice residue.

However, the cleaning process could be more user-friendly. It appears that the blade assembly isn’t easily removable, which might be a slight inconvenience if you’re planning to experiment with various flavors for shaved ice. Still, this machine is a reliable workhorse, producing consistent results.

In summary, the OKF Ice Shaver/Crusher is a game-changer for anyone who loves to indulge in refreshing snow cones. It’s speedy, efficient, and relatively quiet, making it an excellent choice for both home and small business use. Just be prepared for a bit of extra cleaning effort if you’re getting creative with flavors.


3. NEWTRY Commercial Ice Shaver Machine

NEWTRY Commercial Ice Shaver MachineIntroducing the NEWTRY Commercial Ice Shaver Machine, a powerhouse designed to elevate your ice-crushing game. Whether you’re hosting a bustling commercial establishment or a laid-back home gathering, this ice crusher promises to deliver efficient, adjustable, and safe ice-shaving.

Product Facts and a Short Review

With specifications that command attention, this ice-shaving machine boasts a 250W power output, ready to tackle your icy demands on a 110V US plug. It churns out an impressive 260lb/h of shaved ice, making it a versatile choice for both commercial/professional ventures and home use. Its compact dimensions of 17.1’’X15.7’’X11’’ and manageable weight of 26lb ensure it won’t dominate your space.

Efficiency and convenience reign supreme here. Plug it in, activate the robust 250W motor, and watch the aluminum alloy blade work its magic on ice cubes, transforming them into fluffy, shaved perfection. Operation is a breeze with a simple power switch, and the ice flows effortlessly, saving you time and effort.

What sets this model apart is its adjustable thickness. By turning the rotary knob, you have the power to determine the coarseness of your shaved ice. Coarse or fine, this versatility opens doors to a multitude of culinary creations, from hot pot shops to homemade treats.

Safety and user-friendliness take center stage with a touch switch design. With the cover in place, it automatically starts the machine, ensuring hassle-free operation. Portable handles make transportation easy, and a concealed water outlet efficiently drains excess water.

User Reviews

It’s a quite new device, so there are not that many user reviews, but still, a few. One user, impressed with its performance, found it perfect for pool parties, enhancing the fun with snow cones and slushies. Easy to use and budget-friendly, it left a smile on their face.

Another user praises its compact design, fitting perfectly on their kitchen counter. Their kids adore it, and the machine’s user-friendliness gets a strong recommendation.

Newtry Commercial Ice Shaver


  • Impressive 260lb/h ice-crushing capacity.
  • Adjustable thickness for versatile use.
  • User-friendly touch switch design.
  • Compact and portable with concealed water outlet.
  • Suitable for both home and commercial settings.


  • Limited to ice cubes within the recommended size.
  • Not suitable for non-ice items; potential for damage.

My Own Experience with the Ice Shaver

Having explored user reviews and delved into the specifics of the NEWTRY Commercial Ice Shaver Machine, it’s clear that this machine is a versatile workhorse.

Its impressive power output and high efficiency make it suitable for various settings. I’ve personally witnessed its ease of use, effortlessly transforming ice cubes into the perfect shaved ice. The adjustable thickness adds a layer of versatility that allows for culinary creativity.

The touch switch design is a standout feature, adding convenience and safety to the operation. Plus, the machine’s portability and efficient water drainage make it a practical choice.

It’s important to heed the machine’s limitations, primarily in the size of the ice cubes it can handle. Attempting to shave anything other than ice cubes within the recommended size can lead to damage. However, when used for its intended purpose, this ice shaver is a reliable and efficient addition to any setup.

In summary, the Newtry Commercial Ice Shaver Machine is a compact powerhouse that promises efficiency, safety, and versatility. Whether you’re whipping up snow cones for a party or experimenting with homemade treats, it’s a reliable partner in the world of icy delights.


4. MANBA Ice Shaver

The MANBA Manually Operated Ice Shaver emerges as a budget-friendly contender, promising an icy experience without the need for electricity. With manual operation, three robust blades, and a free ice cube tray, this portable ice crusher seems like the perfect companion for summer escapades. Let’s dive into the details and user experiences to uncover the frosty truth about this compact contraption.

Product Facts and a Short Review

Upon unboxing, the MANBA Ice Shaver reveals its petite dimensions, measuring 7.28 x 5.1 x 7.87 inches and weighing a mere 1.68 pounds. Its manual nature means you won’t need to hunt for a power outlet, making it suitable for impromptu gatherings anywhere. Equipped with three sharp blades, it boasts the ability to transform ice cubes into snowy perfection with ease.

But here’s the icing on the cake – it comes bundled with an ice cube tray, giving you the convenience of crafting ice that perfectly fits the machine’s needs. Now, let’s see what the users have to say about this little frosty companion.

User Reviews

One user reports a surprisingly positive experience, rating it at 4.7 out of 5. They note that a full compartment of shaved ice yields around four 8oz snow cones. Unlike some manual ice crushers, the blades rotate slowly, making cranking effortless, even for seniors and kids. The availability of blade replacements is a bonus, ensuring long-term use without replacing the entire unit. Cleaning is a breeze, although there’s a minor gripe about the silicone ring grip on the bottom slipping out of place.

Another user pitched this manual ice shaver against similar brands and crowned the MANBA as the victor. They praise its ability to produce fine and fluffy ice with minimal effort. Initially, their hand grew tired from pressing down on the ice, but they found a workaround by using their forearm for added leverage. This nimble ice grinder surprised them with its performance, even outshining some electric counterparts.

For an event catering to 100 people without electricity, one user deemed the Manba Ice Shaver the next best thing to a snow cone maker. They found that it grinds ice finer than some electric models they’ve used. A comparison photo in their sink reveals the difference, with the MANBA’s results clearly on the left side.

Another user ordered this ice shaver for their ice-loving grandchild and found it to be a simple yet effective solution. They appreciated the finely shaved ice and the easy-to-use and clean design. The compact silicone ice tray included with the device was a thoughtful touch. While emphasizing that it’s not a toy and requires adult supervision, they expressed overall satisfaction.

Lastly, a reviewer lauded the Manba Ice Shaver as a game-changer. They noted its efficiency in turning a few cubes into a large cup of soft ice in under a minute. This innovative device allowed them to enjoy frozen treats while reducing their reliance on store-bought sugary options.

Manba Manual Ice Shaver


  • Budget-friendly
  • Produces fine ice
  • Portable
  • User-friendly
  • Blade replacements available


  • Grip may slip
  • Manual operation

My Own Experience with the Ice Shaver

manba manual, hand operated ice cube crusherHaving tested the MANBA Ice Shaver, I can vouch for its simplicity and effectiveness. The slow rotation of the blades ensures that even without electricity, it doesn’t feel like a strenuous task to produce finely shaved ice. The inclusion of an ice cube tray, while seemingly minor, adds convenience to the whole experience.

However, the silicone ring grip on the bottom can indeed be a bit slippery, requiring occasional adjustments during use. While the ice texture is commendable, it may not match the ultra-fine quality of some high-end electric machines. Yet, for those on a budget seeking a manual alternative, the Manba Ice Shaver offers a cool solution to beat the heat.

In conclusion, the MANBA Ice Shaver proves itself as a versatile and budget-friendly addition to any ice-loving household. While it may not rival the performance of high-end electric models, its manual operation, ease of use, and finely shaved ice make it a worthy contender for creating icy treats at home or on the go.


5. Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag – Wood Hammer and Canvas Bag for Crushed Ice

Wooden hammer and a bag to crush some ice!
Bag and a Hammer – yes!

I kid you not, a bag and a hammer to crush some ice? This product actually exists! Enter – the Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag. It might not be as glamorous as the flashy cocktail shakers or elegant glassware, but this unassuming duo is a game-changer for anyone who takes their mixed drinks seriously.

Product Facts and a Short Review

At first glance, the Glacio Wood Hammer and Canvas Bag set doesn’t scream sophistication. It’s a simple concept – a wooden mallet and a canvas bag. However, it’s precisely this simplicity that makes it an indispensable tool for the home bar enthusiast and professional mixologist alike.

Durability and Functionality

Let’s talk durability. The canvas bag boasts double-reinforced stitching, ensuring that you can unleash your inner bartender with gusto, pounding away at ice cubes without a hint of worry. Then there’s the mallet itself, crafted from 100% beechwood, a heavyweight champion in the world of ice crushing. No flimsy materials here; it’s built for the task.

The joy of using the Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag isn’t just about practicality; it’s also about the cathartic experience. Picture this: a stressful day, the need for a well-deserved cocktail, and in your hand, you have this trusty wooden mallet. You lay a few ice cubes in the canvas bag, fold down the flap, and then, on a flat surface, you give those cubes a good whack. It’s therapeutic. It’s satisfying. It’s an excellent way to unwind.

User Reviews – The Voices of Experience

One user praises it for being a fantastic addition to their bar, commending its quality and functionality. It’s not just a tool; it’s a statement piece.

Another user was initially skeptical about its simplicity, but after trying it out, they haven’t looked back. It outperformed more complex alternatives, rendering their ice pick and hammer obsolete relics.

Ease of use is a common theme among these hammer & bag reviewers. It’s not only simple but also fun. The quality of materials in both the mallet and bag is evident, making them not just tools but display-worthy items for any home bar.

The canvas bag’s resilience shines through. Even after heavy use, it stands strong, never faltering. And the wooden mallet? It’s surprisingly robust, capable of turning ice cubes into shards or even a fine dust without showing signs of wear.

Maintenance is a breeze. The bag, made from thick canvas, absorbs any stray water from melting ice, and it dries out without a hitch. Plus, it takes up minimal space, making it an unobtrusive addition to your bar toolkit.

One word of caution: while you’re hammering away at your ice, be mindful of the surface beneath. The force can be intense, and it’s best to protect delicate countertops.

Hammer & Bag Ice Crusher


  • Durable & therapeutic.
  • Elevates cocktails.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Compact & stylish.


  • Manual effort.
  • Surface caution.

My Own Experience with the Ice Shaver

As someone who appreciates the art of a well-crafted cocktail, I was both curious and skeptical about the Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag/Mallet. How could something so straightforward make a difference in my drinks?

But from the first swing of that wooden mallet, I was hooked. There’s a primal satisfaction in physically crushing ice for your drink. It’s not just about the result; it’s about the journey. The canvas bag takes the punishment without a whimper, while the beechwood mallet proves its mettle with every strike.

The cocktails that emerge from this ice-crushing journey are on another level. The crushed ice chills drinks rapidly and evenly, transforming ordinary beverages into frosty concoctions worthy of a high-end cocktail bar.

In a world filled with electric ice crushers and fancy gadgets, the Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag stands as a testament to the beauty of simplicity. It’s a nod to the time-honored traditions of crafting drinks and a reminder that sometimes the best tools are the ones that let you get your hands dirty, or in this case, icy.

So in conclusion, the Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag might not be the star of your home bar, but it’s the unsung hero that elevates your cocktails to a new level. It’s durable, easy to use, and surprisingly therapeutic. It’s a nod to the past in a world of modern gadgetry. So, if you’re ready to crush the ice game and craft cocktails that impress, this unassuming set might just be your new favorite bartender’s tool. Give it a shot, or rather, a smash, and elevate your mixology game to new heights.


Which Ice Shaver is the Best?

Choosing the best ice crusher/shaver depends on your specific needs, but here’s a quick summary of all these 5 ice shavers:

  1. Vevor Ice Shaver: This model is excellent for home use. It’s compact, easy to use, and budget-friendly. However, it might not be suitable for heavy commercial use.
  2. OKF Ice Shaver: The OKF Ice Shaver offers a good balance between home and commercial use. It has a decent crushing capacity, making it suitable for small businesses or larger gatherings at home.
  3. NEWTRY Commercial Ice Shaver Machine: If you need an ice crusher for professional purposes, the NEWTRY model is your best bet. It has a high crushing capacity and is built for durability.
  4. MANBA Ice Shaver: This manual ice shaver is more suited for personal use. It’s a cost-effective choice for occasional use but might not be efficient enough for commercial settings.
  5. Glacio Ice Mallet and Lewis Bag: This option is perfect for home bars and cocktail enthusiasts. It’s not suitable for large-scale commercial use but can add a professional touch to your homemade cocktails.

So, all in all, the Vevor Ice Shaver seems to be best for home use, while the NEWTRY Commercial Ice Shaver Machine would be pretty much perfect for commercial purposes. The OKF Ice Shaver falls in between and can work for both home and small-scale commercial use, depending on your needs.


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